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Meet The Family

Helen Lewis

Helen is creative owner of Glittermasque.

What began as a fun ways to express herself at festivals developed into a platform to create looks for others with other fabulous artists who share her passion for all things sparkly. Gaining knowledge of products, teaching techniques to use and encouraging artists to develop their own styles.  Bitch N Stitch as they were originally known began in 2007, the name changed to Glittermasque in 2011.

 An all round makeup and hair artist Helen enjoys the different environments along with the different kind of makeup skills required for each individual job.

Whether it's in a muddy field with a tree trunk in the middle of the space or a bright technology filled warm studio, Helen knows how to adapt and create a stunning design.


Claire Bender

House of Bendy has been glittering as part of Helen's team for a few years now and we love the 'work hard, play hard' work ethic she has, 'Glittermasque' is all about making you feel special whether you're a team member or a client. 

Bendy is a professional freelance hair & makeup artist, she believe's that looking your best is about bringing out the best in you.  Working across Fashion, Tv and Bridal as well as corporate events, House of Bendy only use cruelty-free cosmetic brands, promising glamour you can be proud of!

Claire is a true asset to the Glittermasque team, always reliable, beautiful creative work and always works with a smile on her face.  

Olivia Holland

Olivia joined the Glittermasque team in the summer 2015 after meeting Helen at a festival and as part of the team Liv has been involved in a variety of wonderful events from private parties to corporate business events and festivals! 

Liv is a trained Textile Designer and completed her BA (HONS) Textile Design at Chelsea College Of Art and Design and specialised in knitwear. Since graduating, Liv has set up business as a designer creating annual textile collections as well as working on bespoke commissions and collaborations. Liv was a recipient of the Haberdashers/Cockpit Arts Award in 2017 and works from her studio in the Cockpit Arts Deptford business incubator.

Also a keen painter Olivia has worked on various large scale commissions to produce abstract colour pieces for the home.

All of these learnt skills have enabled Olivia to have a strong understanding of colour and materials, texture, shape, pattern and line. When working with Glittermasque these skills are transferred and adapted into the beautiful designs for each guest.

She has a natural touch as well as a wonderful spirit and energy.

Jess Cheetham

Koi Tattoo Convention - Antonia, Painted

Panda Cooper

Panda is an award winning, international body artist with 7 years experience in the industry. Based in Bristol she specialises in transforming performers and models into mythical creatures, to add an immersive atmosphere to events and productions.

Panda is currently working on bringing her beautiful body art to hospices to bring escapism to those who need it.  She loves tailoring her face art designs for guests to suit their outfit, style or any personal request. With a positive energy and countless unique designs, Panda will bring a burst of colour and biodegradable sparkles to your event.

Jess Cheetham has been part of the family for over five years. Currently working as a professional Make up and Hair Artist based in London with a Distinction from the London College of Fashion. Her artistry is heavily influenced by her Glittermasque roots and the creative freedom and fun encouraged by Helen and the team. Jess splits her time working between the Fashion, Film and Music industry and working with live performance artists producing unique creative face and body art as well as prosthetics and stylized gore. 

Many fabulous Artists have been part of our team including this stunning bunch...
Molly Portsmouth | Victoria Wade | Shiv Ashman | Maddie Weaver | Sophie Fisher | Hayley May Watkins
Esra Gungor | Nat Stone | Terri-Anne Aubrey-Smith | Alice Partridge | Emma Quick | Ruth Coutinho
Dave Long | Alex Parker | Becky Fitzgerald | Dionne Thomas | Nina Midgley  | MJ Furlong Laurent 
Lottie Day | Oxana Kallakina 

The Festival Family all begins in 2007 with Louise aka Fuud 

A pop up at festivals with a network of independent clothing/costume designers, professional make-up artists & hair stylists, in house photo booth, bar, dj's, live acts, walk about artists, creatives, interactive fun facilitators and festival addicts.

Lady Gonzalez

How Did it All Start?

It all began in a very special bar in Bristol called Mr Wolf's..... Watch  the video for an insight.


As a crowd, we have always enjoyed dressing up. More was definitely more. More adornments, more frills, more sparkle. Shimmering sequins, radiant rhinestones, long lashes. Gleam, glimmer, glint, glitz, glow. Glitter.


We first flaunted the twinkle at Glastonbury Festival 2008. There, in the Team Love marquee, we built a stage where we could compose our own spectacular hairdos and intensify the look with imaginative touches of glitter and sparkle.


We had arrived on the party scene.


On our return to Bristol we sprinkled the dressing up and sparkles theme over club nights across the city, before expanding into collaborations in other parts of the UK at festivals, gigs and events. Our passion project flourished and, joining forces with our favourite independent Bristol designers and fabricators, we formed the Boo-Dior: the complete festival makeover.


In 2010, head creatives Helen Lewis and Dave Long both moved to London to take on professional courses and qualifications. Dave gained an apprenticeship in Tailoring and Helen attended Delamar Academy for Professional Makeup and Hair.


The next year, Helen’s glitterwork was booked for Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge, by their senior beauty press officer. This new move required a solo venture, and there began Glittermasque.


Despite a wonderful time in a department store, it was clear that Glittermasque could shine brighter and beyond. Glittermasque is in its element at festivals and events, from Glastonbury to Ascot, from a Valentine’s Day ball to a Halloween fright night, from hen nights to high end bar mitzvahs, soirées to secret raves, kids parties to adult parties… for all who want to stand out from the crowd.


Glittermasque continues to offer a unique style of makeup, now with a wonderful team of artists at countless different events and locations both in UK and abroad, always striving to innovate and improve in everything we do. So, if you're looking to organise an event or party of any size and want to add a touch of sparkle don't hesitate to contact us.

Many fabulous designers, creatives and Dj's have been part of our team including these amazing talents...
Puckoo Couture | On The Lash | Dazzle and Jolt | Child of Mary | Lily Vintage  | This Is Jude | House Of Polly  
Loose Collar Fairies | Maker Ldn | Its' Your Booth | Skin T  | Uberscnap 
Châteauneuf du Pato | Steven George | Itchy Rich | Nick Gynn | Baz | Boogaloo Dee | Lee Patterson | Scott Martin
Dan Ce Williams | Kelly Love | Disco Zee | Pure Respect | Sexy Kitchen Party | Gareth Lewellyn | Eoghan |  Orange Elvis
Toby Tobias | Tim Ross | James Dyer | Bibi | Laminate Radio | Unwanted | Rhys Harwood  | Taz |  Annie O'some 
Appleblim & Second Storey | Amos | Maxxi Soundsystem | Ollie Mundy | Dave Beer | Danielle Moore ( Crazy P)
Gaffy | Diss Miss | The Other Tribe Dj's | Robert Outch 
And many more.... THANK YOU X

Using bold imagery, vibrant colors and powerful symbolism, Lady Gonzalez offers a range of high-quality limited edition accessories and one-off hand-crafted fashion and homeware pieces.

Lady G’s signature digital textile manipulation printing techniques form the core of each design, and her genuine philosophical values always feed into her work. The explosive combination of her methods and ideas have earned her the accolades ‘Neosurrealist’, and ‘Digital Print Storyteller’.

Its inimitable sartorial style have carved out a true niche in the world of design. Throughout her dynamic trajectory in the art and fashion fields her work has being showed around the World in cities like London, Berlin, Bristol, West Hollywood and Mexico City and been featured in publications such as ID (online), Vogue Italia (online), The Guardian, Vision China, Super Super, Tank (online), Superhero and Carpark magazine amongst others. 


FUUD is a pioneering brand that fuses sports luxe style with bold geometric prints and luxury fabrics creating statement ready to wear looks. Headed up by designer Louise Halswell, FUUD is a unisex clothing brand specializing in forward thinking street wear, luxury and one of a kind costume accessories all handmade in UK. This year they are proud to present our brand new FUUD, plastic free, sustainable sports wear and apparel : FUUD Reborn collection.

Helen has worked on many of Louise's shoots designing the hair and makeup to compliment each seasons new collection.

Das ist Fashion

In the beginning...

there was bitch n stitch - 2008

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